Haunted Wagon Ride Ticket Sales for Seasonals

October 11, 2023

 Tickets will be on sale for the Haunted Wagon Rides for $3.00 each (limit 8 tickets per site).  We need to limit the number of tickets sold to 8 per site so there are enough to go around for all the seasonal families and overnight camping families who are paying to be here this weekend.  The profits from the Haunted Wagon Ride support the Clarendon Fire Company.   Tickets times are split in half before they go on sale so half is sold to the Seasonals on Wednesdays and the exact other half is sold on Fridays to our overnight/weekend campers along with any that may be leftover from the Wednesday sales.  If you know of campers or seasonals who will not be using all eight of their tickets, you may make arrangements with them to purchase their unused number.  Tickets will be on sale the Wednesday before the Halloween Fun Fest Weekend in the Game Room from 5 - 7  PM for seasonals and Friday from 5 - 7 PM for overnight/weekend campers in the Game Room as well.   If there are tickets still available, they can be purchased on Saturday in the store. 

Game Room

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